Thomson Graphite-XF TGBR

TGBR Flexible Graphite


  • Laminated Flexible Graphite, .002” thick 316SS foil insert.


  • Homogenous, pure flexible graphite, resistant to high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Excellent thermal stability, high thermal conductivity.
  • Compressibility and recovery characteristics result in long term sealability in high cycle duty.
  • Does not contain any fillers or binders to limit fluid compatibility.
  • Stainless steel Inserts (Low creep relaxation) – offers greater torque retention.
  • Easily conforms to surface irregularities.

Ideal for

  • Gaskets in a broad range of chemicals, hydrocarbons and steam applications in the petrochemical, refinery, pulp and paper and power generation (both Fossil fuel & Nuclear plants).
  • Fire Safe material.

*Temperature and pressure values are general guidelines and may not represent continuous service. For specific applications please consult A.R. Thomson Group’s customer service at the branch nearest you.

  • Temperature, min: -328°F (-200°C)
  • Temperature, max: Air +842°F (+450°C) Steam +1,202°F (+650°C)
  • Reducing Atmosphere +5,432°F (+3,000°C)
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