Thomson TUFLON® 7200

Silica-filled PTFE

TUFLON® 7200 PTFE silica-filled gasketing material offers excellent chemical resistance and reduced cold flow. It has an unlimited shelf life, is easy to cut and handle, flexible, and can be easily removed from the flange face. It is an economical alternative to other PTFE products in the marketplace. Ideal for sulfuric acid applications.


  • Available in 60 x 60 sheet size
  • Improved performance over conventional PTFE
  • Reduced cold flow and creep relaxation
  • Cuts operational costs through reduced:
  • inventory costs
  • waste
  • maintenance costs
  • energy consumption

Ideal for

  • Mining (sulfuric acid leaching process and PAL – pressure acid leaching)
  • Strong acids (except for hydrofluoric acid)
  • Cryogenics, hydrocarbons, water and saturated steam (less than 100 psi/7bar, 338˚F/170˚C)

*Temperature and pressure values are general guidelines and may not represent continuous service. For specific applications please consult A.R. Thomson Group’s customer service at the branch nearest you.

  • Temperature, cont. max. -364°F (-220°C) to +500°F (+260°C)
  • Pressure, max: 800 psig (55 bar)
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