We are regional manufacturers and distributors of gaskets and other fluid containment products, with manufacturing capabilities focused on clients in oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining, and pulp and paper industries.


Mechanical Seal Repair is one of A.R. Thomson Group’s core offerings. With over 30 years of experience repairing any seal make or model, we are the trusted name in both Western and Eastern Canada, including Quebec and the Maritimes. Our services include:

  • Inspections and troubleshooting
  • Failure analysis reports including recommendations
  • Component replacements
  • Complete seal replacements
  • Machining, lapping, coating
  • Parts fabrication
  • Bellows testing

A.R. Thomson Group is committed to ensure long term performance and reliability of rotary joints. We are the Christian Maier Authorized rotary joint repair facility for Canada, with factory-trained personnel in our head office in Surrey, British Columbia. Contact us for more information.

  • Complete OEM replacement parts
  • Repairs, testing and failure analysis
  • Complete mechanical inspection with safe lapping and optical flats

In addition to our complete line of industrial process valves, we also offer the following services:

  • On-site maintenance, service and repair of Cameron General Twin Seal Valves
  • Authorized representatives for actuation, mounting and accessories, etc. with recognized actuation equipment manufacturers
  • Training and product application support
  • Parts and equipment survey
  • Audits to improve maintenance and reliability

Contact us for more information.

A.R. Thomson Group’s Hose Testing mobile unit comes fully equipped with the most common end connections. We test hoses on-site which provides a greater level of safety and convenience to the end user with a reduced cost of ownership. View our Hose Trailer Brochure.

  • Visual and technical inspections, hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Re-certification of existing hose products for continued use
  • Repair and replacement of new hoses
  • On-site repair and installation of expansion joint bellows
  • Product training, consultations, and 24/7/365 on-call customer service

A.R. Thomson Group’s Satellite Warehouse Program is a mobile trailer unit stocked with gaskets, studs and nuts, and other fluid containment products to enhance service and supply during major projects or plant turnarounds. Contact us or view our Satellite Warehouse brochure for more information.

  • Stock products based on agreed upon min/max levels
  • On-site inventory and stock level management
  • 24-Hour service

A.R. Thomson Group’s CNC Machining department can produce custom machined seals, plastic parts, and prototypes in small and large quantities which saves customers initial tooling expenses. Our Engineering department can also assist in designing and drafting your custom sealing system. For more information, please contact us or view our CNC Machining brochure.

A.R. Thomson Group’s Laser Cutting Center is capable of cutting a wide variety of standard metals and specialty alloys including brass and copper. We have extensive experience in CAD/CAM programing and product nesting to maximize material usage. We ensure the end product is manufactured to the highest degree of accuracy and quality based on our customers’ specifications. View our Laser Cutting Brochure.

A.R. Thomson Group’s Energy Efficiency and Environmental Program focuses on resource and energy optimization and help customers adopt more sustainable solutions that allow for their business’ continuous growth and profitability. Our ‘Triple E’ Program offers:

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Water conservation in Rotating Equipment
  • Water treatment and filtration for recovery
  • HVAC energy audits and consumption reduction initiatives
  • Steam trap management for energy reduction

A.R. Thomson Group offers an affordable, accurate, and thoroughly-documented Steam Trap Management service that provides customers a complete picture and analysis of their trap population. This service is part of our ‘Triple E’ ProgramContact us to learn more.

  • Trap population catalogue and tagging
  • Database setup in the computer
  • Complete trap testing and analysis
  • Detailed reports and graphs
  • Recommendations for trap replacement and piping improvements


A.R. Thomson Group’s Technical Services Team consists of trained personnel who provide Asset Management services as part of our ‘Triple E’ Program to better serve our customers. Our technical services includes:

  • Equipment audits
  • Water conservation for rotating equipment
  • Failure analysis
  • Leak detection & repair (LDAR)
  • Water treatment & filtration
  • HVAC energy audits
  • Consumption reduction initiatives
  • Steam system audits & energy surveys

A.R. Thomson Group has industry-trained Product Managers and Specialists for our entire line of fluid containment and control products. We thoroughly gather and analyze application data and recommend the most effective system and product applications, enabling our customers to make the best decision for their operations. Contact us if you have any questions about your product or application.

The A.R. Thomson Group places a high level of importance on ongoing Product Training Sessions for our distributors and customers. These sessions are available by webinar, at our branches, or on-site at our customers’ facilities. All sessions are conducted by Product and Process Specialists with numerous years of industry experience. Contact us for more information.

As Total Sealing Integrity and Asset Management specialists, A.R. Thomson Group helps customers to ensure bolted joint integrity through proper gasket selection, practical bolting procedures, inspection, education and consultation. These complementary services ensure our customers maximize the benefits and long-term reliability of their fluid sealing products. For more information, please view our TSI Brochure.

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