Introducing our Next Generation Gaskets


All Next Generation gaskets are produced using a chemical-free, water-based process.

Easy to Handle and Cut

These gaskets are highly flexible and easy to cut - saving you valuable time and money.

Exceptional Anti-Stick

Thomson Sure-Release® anti-stick technology makes gasket removal quick and easy.

Thomson UltraPac

Graphite, Aramid/Carbon & Nitrile Binder

• Highly flexible and easy to handle.

• Increased temperature limits.

• Broad chemical compatibility.

• Hazard-free.

• Anti-stick technology.

Thomson UltraGraf

Flexible Graphite with Flexmet 316SSL Insert

• Easy to cut and handle.

• Less fragile than common graphite sheet.

• Greater load retention.

• Anti-stick technology.

• Softer edges for safer handling.

Thomson Performance Sealing Gaskets
We offer a wide range of gaskets for all types of applications.

Oil & Gas

Pulp & Paper

• Mining

Water & Wastewater

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